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Nike Wins: Tim Tebow Jets Jerseys Are Now Illegal

Yesterday, Nike filed a lawsuit against Reebok, demanding they cease selling the Tim Tebow Jets jerseys they had rushed into production after Tebow was traded to New York. Last night a judge granted Nike a temporary restraining order, meaning you cannot legally buy a Tim Tebow Jets jersey anywhere right now, and will not be able to for several weeks.


Reebok's contract with the NFL expires at the end of this month, but their deal with the NFLPA to license individual players expired on March 1st. So Reebok is able to still make and sell generic jerseys, but unless they get permission from each player, they can't slap their names on them. Peyton Manning, a Reebok endorser, gave his permission, and so there's all the Manning Bronco merchandise you could ever want. But Tim Tebow is a Nike guy, and specifically did not allow Reebok to use his name or likeness.

So Reebok can't sell Tebow jerseys, but neither can Nike. They can't even make them until April, and the original plan was to first put them on sale April 26, the day of the NFL draft. (Though it's likely they'll hustle Tebow and Manning jerseys into stores sooner.) So what of the thousands of Reebok Tebow Jets jerseys already made? They'll sit unopened in boxes until the suit is decided in court, and if Nike has its way, they'll all be destroyed in a glorious Tebonfire.

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