Nike's Still Trying To Figure Out How Best To Infiltrate The Womanly Athlete

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The Overlords of The Swoosh otherwise known as Nike are rolling out a new slogan geared toward European women called "Here I Am" and it's got our buddy Moe over at Gawker all frothy and ready to break stuff. (Doesn't take much. The gal's feisty.) She burns:

First thought: am I the only Catholic who sees this and thinks, "Be Not Afraid" would actually be a better slogan if you are going to dip into the hymnal, Nike? Okay sure, probably I am, but second thought: Just do it contains the critical imperative phrase "Do it." And you can't deny the many virtues of "do it," no matter how much you hate companies that serve as neat little microcosms of the horrifying redistribution of income globalization hath wrought, because to "do it" is awesome. But to "do it" with someone who is all "Here I Am" about it is a total bonerkiller. It's just so emphatically…passive, right? Maybe I've just got the McCain campaign's recent reference to dead fish on the brain but I am also pretty sure this slogan could be interpreted to be demeaning to women, although I am going to quit now before I actually get a headache.

Why do I feel like I just got sodomized by Marshal McLuhan? Anyway, Nike =bad for ladies. Write it down in your chap books. The ad featured above was an older campaign, one used in Moe's piece to illustrate that point. I don't know. That one makes me want to jump on a stairmaster then go pumpkin picking. **** Tomorrow: I'll be taking a flight to Los Angeles early in the afternoon, so Rick and Clay will be doing the bulk of the posting. This time, I'll be sure to pack my disposable pants. Have a great weekend, keep your heads up, and prepare for Monday when 75% of the posts will be devoted to the Philadelphia Eagles. (Kidding. 60, tops.) Thank you for your continued support of the Skeets in my pants.