Nikola Jokic Showed Gary Harris How To Soothe His Bashed Testicles

While Jamal Murray was catching fire late in the fourth quarter and leading the Nuggets to a dramatic playoff win over the Spurs, his teammates, Nikola Jokic and Gary Harris, were dealing with a separate problem.


On one of the Nuggets’ last offensive possessions of the game, Harris got absolutely walloped in the balls by LaMarcus Aldridge. The pain was intense enough that Harris fell into a crouch on the defensive end of the floor, and needed a few moments to collect himself after a foul stopped the game. Luckily, his good buddy Jokic was there, ready to share a special Serbian technique for fixing damaged nards. The nature of the technique is simply this: cup those sore nuts and jump up and down a little bit.

Altitude reporter Katy Winge performed the heroic task of asking Jokic about this moment, and he revealed to her that he was in fact imparting ancient Serbian wisdom on Harris:

And did it help?

You couldn’t ask for a better teammate or friend.