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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

NLCS Blogdome: Rockies Clear First Hurdle

Illustration for article titled NLCS Blogdome: Rockies Clear First Hurdle

What they're saying out there in the ether about the Rockies' 5-1 win over the Diamondbacks in Game 1 of the National League Championship Series ...


• The Rockies sure looked good last night as they beat the D-backs pretty convincingly without getting a single extra-base hit. That means they've now won their last 43 road games in a row. This team is HOT! In all honesty though, the Rockies actually look like they can beat whoever wins the ALCS. The D-backs would have no chance against either Cleveland or Boston. Too little hitting, not enough pitching. But the Rockies resemble an AL team right now. Great pitching, great hitting, great chemistry. If they reach the World Series (they will), they'll have a better shot at winning it than most people will probably give them. [100 Percent Injury Rate]

Always Something There To Remind Me. Thursday night's Game One of the NLCS featured a key play where Justin Upton got Augie Ojeda called out for interference on a slide at second base. Gee, does that look familiar to you? It's like Total Recall, except Sharon Stone isn't in your bathroom taking a shower. Damn you C.B. Bucknor. [The Musings and Prophecies of Metstradamus]


Umps Get It Right; Hal McRae Rule Appears In NLCS. Second base umpire Larry Vanover called interference on Upton and Ojeda was out. Major League Baseball banned this in 1978 after Kansas City Royals designated hitter Hal McRae used the tactic on New York Yankees second baseman Willie Randolph in the 1977 American League Championship Series. [Sports and Ethics]

Back In The Saddle. Not a lot of teams have a lot of success against the Diamondbacks' Brandon Webb. I think we just battle. If you notice, we didn't go out tonight and just crush the ball all over the field. We just got some timely hits and we were able to string some good at-bats together. [Todd Helton's Playoff Blog]

With God On Their Side. Now that we know that the Colorado Rockies are essentially a religious cult, this gives the Diamondbacks the perfect opportunity to unnerve them in the upcoming Championship Series. Here are just a few suggestions that should give Arizona the upper hand. 1) The D-Backs logo behind home plate to be replaced by a pentagram. 2) Each batter walks out to Black Sabbath's "Nativity in Black". 3) The first pitch to be thrown out by Marilyn Manson. 4) "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" to be replaced by "Sympathy for the Devil".[Arizona Via Slough].

The Slide. The extra effort by Justin was unnecessary. Matsui was backpedaling, reducing his chance of getting off a bad throw. The good part of the slide already broke up the double play. The HBP upset Upton, as did Tulowitzki's scolding. Justin probably had just a little too much adrenaline going into second base. A rookie mistake. [Baseball Musings]


Inside Vegas: Championship Series Edition. OK, how many had money on Brandon Webb to win the NLCS MVP? [Vegas Watch]

Live Blogging The NLCS: Kaz Matsui Will Beat You Up, Sucka! 10:59 Something's happening now! Unhappy with the interference call, fans pelt the field with water bottles and paper wrappers. Umpires halt the game, and of course, Rockies manager Clint Hurdle pulls his team off the field, heightening the spectacle. Very crass and tasteless D-Backs fans. ... 11:02 So the water-bottle pelters are getting booked. Perhaps if the fans showed some blood actually pumps through their veins earlier in the game, the D-Backs would still be in it. [UmpBump]

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