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NLCS Blogdome: Welcome To Whacking Day

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Views of the NLCS Game 3 from around the Internets.

This Just Plain Rox. The Colorado Rockies are one win away from a National League pennant. Eric Byrnes can call it luck. Rockies fans can call it destiny. Baseball analysts can try to explain the Rockies 20-1 run and yet fail to come up with the right word for it. Personally, I'll stick with absolutes. The Rox have a 3-0 lead on the Diamondbacks. They need one win for a pennant, five wins for a World Series championship. None of that seems out of the realm of possibility, despite the past 28 days seeming entirely beyond that realm. [Up In The Rockies]

Gameday Thread 10/14. Quote of the Day: "I'm sure you guys are all probably writing us off; I don't blame you," he said. "We haven't done a whole lot to make you guys think we're going to win this series. I think we're a good team. I also don't think the Rockies have outplayed us, because they haven't. Not even close. They've had a little luck go their way. Definitely the ball has bounced in their direction. They've been the beneficiary of some calls." — Eric Byrnes [AZ Snakepit]

Rockies Win! Up 3-0 In LCS!. In a game that should never have been a) scheduled as a night game and b) played at all given the conditions, the Rockies continued the RockStreak by beating the obviously disheartened Diamondbacks, winning the 20th of their last 21 games. Josh Fogg pitched way over his head, giving up only one run in 6 innings, no doubt aided by wet balls and turf. Yorvit Torrealba provided all of the offense needed with a 3-run homer in the 6th. [The Denver Baseball Observer]


Rockies Win It For Kids. Nothing can stop the Rockies anymore. Not rain, sleet or snow. They're a force of nature that doesn't even have time to touch home as they race on to victory. Plus they win for the kids. Anyway they've already won the NLCS, and I'd be surprised if Arizona manages to win tonight. [100 Percent Injury Rate]

The Sky Is Blue, Water Is Wet And The Rockies Win. Colorado has now won 20 of 21, which is like running a four-minute mile and then beating Garry Kasparov in chess. Nobody has the — bad pun alert — Foggiest clue how the Rockies are doing it, but Eric Young, in between clichés, probably said it best last night on ESPN: "They know they good." [The Big Lead]

NLCS Game 3. Lots of storylines for this one. You can try guessing Livan Hernandez's age, or his weight. You could try and list Game 3 starters for playoff teams up 2-0 less imposing than Josh Fogg. You can start speculating as to which long-dead god Clint Hurdle sacrificed his firstborn to in exchange for his sudden powers of divination. You can search for a reason Eric Byrnes' best efforts to prop back up the dying Diamondbacks clubhouse involved his shagging flyballs from the top half of the Rockpile at Coors Field (my guess: Byrnes wanted us all to get used to throws of his not quite making the infield dirt). [Bad Altitude]

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