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Obviously, no one would have predicted this matchup coming in, but that is, after all, the fun of all this. Plus, in a way, it's nice to have two franchises born in the '90s battling it out for the World Series. There's a certain modern nature to it; maybe they'll run the bases with jet packs.

But yeah: The excitement is so fevered that they might even sell out this game. Crazy, right? We also enjoy that fans will have to leave work early to make it to these games on time. Meanwhile, we out here on the East Coast won't be asleep before 2 a.m. for two weeks.


A look at predictions from around the Internets:

CoolStandings: Rockies in five.
Keith Law: Rockies in six.
Baseball Prospectus: Diamondbacks in seven.
Rob Neyer: Rockies in six.
Jeff Passan: Diamondbacks in seven.
• DEADSPIN: Diamondbacks in seven. We have a feeling this series is going to be epic, and Brandon Webb's gonna win three games.


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