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Josh Smith is an Atlanta-area native who played for the Hawks for nine seasons, but Hawks fans seem as overjoyed to be rid of Smith as Smith is to be rid of them. This wasn't always the case: in his first return to Philips Arena last season as a member of the Detroit Pistons, he received "'some cheering, a little bit of boos." But perhaps because the Hawks are finally soaring past the 44ish-win teams Smith seemed to always play for—and because it is fun to go after the guy who was released halfway through a $54 million contract—Hawks fans booed the hell out of Smith tonight. In response, twice after three-pointers he told the crowd to shut up:

And after the game Smith didn't mince any words. Via Kevin Arnovitz:

"I mean, those fans are fickle, very fickle and bandwagoners," Smith said. "It really doesn't mean anything to me."


I doubt Smith will be getting a statue built outside of Philips Arena anytime soon.

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