The Detroit Pistons Just Straight-Up Released Josh Smith

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Damn, man. The word from ESPN's Marc Stein is that the Detroit Pistons have waived Josh Smith, as sure a sign as any that Stan Van Gundy and the front office are fed the fuck up with this current version of the team.

Smith has been a disaster since joining the Pistons last season, but this is still incredible! The guy is owed $27 million over the next two seasons, and the Pistons despise him so much that they are just going to eat that money like a big bowl of shit because it means getting him off the team. This appears to be the nuclear option, one the Pistons were trying to avoid:


Not only did every other team in the league reportedly say "no thanks" to Josh Smith, the Pistons decided that a $27 million sunk cost was worth getting him out of town. Josh Smith (with his $27 million price tag) is, at this moment, the most unwanted player in the NBA. At least the Pistons were kind enough to let him go rather than sticking him on the bench to rot, and there is a silver lining here for them:


Now watch him get scooped up by Dallas or San Antonio or Cleveland on a bargain-bin deal and get himself a ring.