No, Marijuana Decriminalization Will Not Affect NCAA Recruiting In Colorado Or Washington

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The states of Colorado and Washington voted yesterday to legalize recreational pot use, leading to all sorts of immediate Internet speculation about how colleges in those states just found their recruiting became easier. You know, because athletes like smoking weed! Unfortunately, this isn't likely to be the case. Marijuana is certain to remain on the NCAA's banned list for some time, and lest you think they don't have the authority to ban legal substances, here's a list of things you can already buy in most parts of the country that that include ingredients the NCAA bans:

Muscle Milk
Some flavors of Vitamin Water

Meanwhile, the NFL is making clear to players that despite pot decriminalization, it's still off-limits to players. The laws in Washington and Colorado legalize pot for 21-year-olds, anyway, and colleges are generally recruiting younger players.

h/t to John Infante