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No More Vroom Vroom For Big Ben

So the Steelers are falling apart right now, losing to the freaking Raiders last week, and at the center of all of it is quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who has had an awfully busy few months for a guy who didn't play all that well in the Super Bowl. Concussions, emergency surgery, road mishaps ... Ben has been all over the place, and in entirely negative ways. At least he avoided the glare of the drunk digital camera shot!

Well, looks like Roethlisberger is looking to change his ways a little bit; he announced yesterday that he won't be riding his motorcycle anymore. Previously, he'd only said he would wear a helmet; now he's going to limit himself to vehicles with four wheels or perhaps even more. It might not help him avoid the pass rush, but it should be beneficial to his teeth, anyway.


Unfortunately, Roethlisberger just isn't as rebellious to us anymore. We had thought he was a badass counterculture type before this; we mean, he rode a motorcycle! Now, he's just a tool of the man. For shame, millionaire. You're not one of us anymore.

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