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No, Stampy! Bad!

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As our national men's soccer team looks to be a lost cause, may we suggest throwing all of our support behind our new U.S. elephant polo squad? The World Cup bummed us out, and we now have a chance with a new sport to do it right this time. Why do we think this? Because the U.S. team seems to have a secret weapon. From the Houston Chronicle:

For a moment at the King's Cup Elephant Polo Championship — one of the circuit's Big Three — it seemed the upstart Yanks from the Washington area might finally charge onto the scoreboard. Then something really did stir from Thong Kao — a hail of dung that left the pursuing Italians dodging for cover.

But then, tragedy struck.

And just as Zenz yanked back her mallet, Thong Kao accidentally stepped on the polo ball, squashing it into the ground and suspending play.


Didn't Siragusa do that once?

Americans Being Sized Up In A New Sport [Washington Post]

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