No surprise, Jalen Hurts is the answer to the Eagles’ Carson Wentz problem

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Looks like the answer to the Eagles’ problems was on the bench all along.
Looks like the answer to the Eagles’ problems was on the bench all along.
Image: AP

I thought y’all said this whole team was trash?

I thought y’all said that the play calling was terrible?

I thought y’all said that changing quarterbacks wouldn’t matter?

Welp, it looks like y’all are wrong.

Jalen Hurts beat arguably the best team in the NFC by driving his team down the field, making timely plays, and limiting his turnovers.

The Rookie showed the world what many people including myself have been screaming for the last two months.


You never had anything to lose by benching Carson Wentz, who’s been worse for this team this season than gas station chili cheese fries are for your cholesterol.


Two hundred seventy-three total yards, a touchdown, and a passer rating of 83.6 with no interceptions can win you a lot of football games when coupled with a productive running game and a pass-rushing front seven. Hurts became the first quarterback to rush for over 100 yards in his first start since reigning MVP Lamar Jackson. But aside from the numbers, Hurts looked like a dude who was comfortable being in control of an NFL offense.

This is something that had been foreign to the Eagles all season. They finally got it for a full 60 minutes on Sunday and the whole team responded.


Myles Sanders had one of his best games of the season, rushing for 115 yards while averaging more than eight yards a carry. The defense sacked Saints quarterback Taysom Hill five times and forced two crucial turnovers. Doug Pederson even looked like a Super Bowl-winning coach again instead of the long lost cousin of Adam Gase.

Pederson is now 11-2 with starting quarterbacks who don’t possess the last name Wentz.


Hurts’ performance today will give the organization a very tough decision this offseason. They can’t cut a man that will put $59 million of dead money on the cap next season because of guaranteed bonuses, but having a backup quarterback that’s that expensive won’t bold well for the franchise either, especially when you only have $23 million in cap space for the 2021 season already.

It’s gonna be a tough pill to swallow, but if Hurts keeps playing this well, Philly will have no choice but to gulp it down like some Tylenol on New Year’s Day.


With three games left, and only one against a team with a winning record, it seems feasible that Philly could run the table. Washington currently leads the division after its win against the 49ers but still has to play the Seahawks and a feisty Panthers team before taking on the Eagles in the final game of the regular season. And with starting quarterback, Alex Smith, suffering a calf strain, Washington’s road to the playoffs rests on the shoulders of Dwayne Haskins.

If Hurts and the Eagles handle their business, and Haskins shows that he’s still Haskins, we could be in for a very interesting fight for that playoff spot.