The basketball community has held a collective three-quarters chub ever since Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Randivé had the terrible suggestion that his team play 4-on-5 defense and have a fifth player cherry pick under the basket on offense.

So you may have seen the above video on the internet tonight, with people proclaiming the Kings were finally bold enough to try their owner's crazy strategy.

No, fuck those people. Reggie Evans wasn't cherry picking. He went to the bench before running back on to the court. He went to the bench because either a) Reggie Evans is a lunatic or b) Reggie Evans made a mistake.

We all kind of want to see the Kings try some crazy shit—and why not, even Tyrone Corbin has to know there's no way he lasts past this year. But let's not go full chub just yet, and actually wait for the Kings to play 4-on-5 defense before we get our SportVU undies in a bunch.