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To keep the comments as fresh and outstanding as they've been up to this point, we've commissioned Commenting Guru Rob Iracane to write a bi-weekly Comment Ombudsman column. It runs every other week. This is that week.

Mr. Iracane is the guy who approves and deletes comments around here, and the fellow to whom you should address any comment account requests, and he will explore issues involved in commenting, what makes a great comment thread, what's working, what isn't, answer your questions, so on. We want the place to continue to be as much fun as it is every day, and it's not an execution thread like our friends at Gawker do. We like to be inclusive here, because if we're not, we'd be forced to rely on our own wit and knowledge, and that's a scary thought indeed.


So here's this week's column, about the prevalence of your favorite team in the morning closers ... after the jump. Of course, don't be afraid to let him have it in the comments.


With the triumphant return of Rick's NBA Closer and the unexpectedly stellar debut of the NHL Closer, we commenters are treated to a daily helping of selected game recaps from around the two major professional indoor sports. Say what you will about games played in arenas (and the less creative ones among you still can't stop saying "hoc-key?") but for people like me who don't watch "SportsCenter," these two Daily Closers keep me abreast of these non-football, non-baseball sports. Still, I check the Knicks score every morning because they are my favorite NBA team. If Rick doesn't write about them, it's no skin off my back. I probably wasted two hours the night before watching them lose. Why then would I compose a bitchy comment asking why there is no love for my favorite team?

Yes, I'm talking about you, Mr. These-Five-Game-Recaps-Are-Not-Enough-For-Me. (potential commenter name alert!) I understand that you have devoted your life to following a particular group of gentlemen who all happen to wear the same outfit to work, and I salute you for purchasing a replica of said work garment. We all have our preferred franchises; that is what makes Deadspin a general sports blog and not a team-specific blog (even taking into account the extra Buzzsaw coverage). You may think comment readers want to know how fantastically well Player A performed for Team B, or how amazingly clutch Team C is now under Coach D, but really, you're not following the most important rule of Deadspin commenting: be funny, and do not not be funny. We get it. Your team is great. Move on.


On a personal note, my skin literally crawls and I get a horrendous case of douche chills every time I see a comment that begins with the words "no love for?" In fact, I'm not sure which concept offends me more: complaining about a lack of coverage for one's team of choice, or the actual phrase "no love for." Cliches are difficult to get past when commenting; I've had to give 110%, bring my A-game and be more consistent just to avoid them. If we could get rid of this one, however, it's one step towards commenting perfection.

These commenters take us three more steps further with their Comments of the Fortnight:

Re: Eric Lindros' farewell
strangeffect: according to wikipedia, the Flyers management essentially tried to kill him. Then again, wikipedia also says I'm a 9 foot tall pterodactyl.


Re: Troy Williamson's lack of paycheck
Big Daddy Drew: A funeral is about the only thing Williamson can catch these days.


Re: Ricky Williams' yoga class
Matt_T: Sure Ricky may know the downward facing dog, but Vick can teach him the electrocuting the shit out of a dog.


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