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Ricky Williams Will Meditate With You

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In case you were wondering how Ricky Williams is keeping himself busy these days, he is of course indulging his true passion. No, not that passion: The other one.


Next February, after his former Miami Dolphins teammates are putting the finishing touches on their Super Bowl victory, Ricky is teaching a yoga seminar.

Ricky Williams (Rudra) is a professional NFL (National Football League) player and winner of the Heisman Trophy. He is also a Sivananda Yoga teacher with experience in teaching hatha yoga in Sivananda Ashrams around the world.

In competition, athletes at all ability levels tend to have a fear of losing, of other competitors, or of developing mental deterrents to excellent performance. Meditation is invaluable in overcoming these problems. One of the great benefits of yoga practice is to unite the forces of body and mind so that they are not at odds with one another. This is also of great benefit to athletes, sportsmen and sportswomen. Asanas and pranayama help to develop greater body awareness, and to build up vitality and concentration.

If the Dolphins are smart, they'll send Ronnie Brown to that thing. Heck, bring Cleo Lemon, while you're at it.

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