Some things are worth digging into our sack of scuzz money. The Patriots' second-round draft pick getting pleasured and broadcasting it to random strangers is not one of them.

Brandon Spikes may have gone from being a standout at Florida to another cog in the well-oiled Belichick machine, but he's not nearly a big enough star for us to hand out a precious reward for a couple of Chatroulette sessions that may or may not be him.

According to our anonymous emailer, Spikes likes to turn his webcam on for his sex sessions, and share the love with the Internet by putting it on Chatroulette. It beats the usual Chatroulette fare of masturbating lonely men with mustaches. The exploratory missive from last week:

I have uncovered a sex tape featuring a prominent 2nd rounder from this year's NFL draft. He is well known and easily recognized, but quite frankly I don't really want to mess up what he has going for him. That being said, there are two videos I have. One a few people have, but no one knows it is him, I recognized him immediately after watching it and confirmed through images on the web. It features a woman who is very similar looking to Kim K giving this athlete a blow job. here is the woman:

The second video is more of just him, with a woman (different) watching in the background as he pleasures himself.

What would this kind of material be worth to you folks? Also if you are not in that business do you have any recommendations on where else I should ask around? Thansk guys, sorry to be so vague I just don't really want to do too much damage at this point.


After a little back and forth (read: we're not interested), we received this note yesterday:

Just wanted to let you know I'm prob about to sell the tape for 1500. If you guys want to match I'd be happy to send it your way because quite frankly I like deadspin better haha. I've attached one last screenshot for you guys. The text at the bottom is what he types on chatroulette.. other things he types include 'let's play don't be shy' and ' you make me wanna like your pussy' Anyway just thought I'd throw it out there one last time. Nice job putting mlb in their place last week btw.


So add this to the list of things we won't open up the checkbook for, along with David Aardsma's penis.