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Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard got honest with the media today, slamming the decision-makers at his club over their apparent reluctance to sign Jacob deGrom to a contract extension, and also their travel itinerary. They’re forcing the players to go to Syracuse, for god’s sake!


Syndergaard’s issues on the deGrom front come after the most recent word from the Cy Young winner himself, which makes it sound like the situation has hit an impasse. DeGrom is still under club control for the next two years, but has been in negotiations for an extension with the Mets this spring. Asked about his team’s failure to reach a deal yet with his fellow pitcher, Syndergaard had no time for any excuses from the franchise.

“I just think they should quit all this fuss and pay the man already,” he said. “If there wasn’t a trend of other guys getting contract extensions, I don’t know what the circumstance would be. But you can see Chris Sale, Verlander, those guys getting extensions. I think it’s time Jacob gets one, too.

That’s not the only team decision Syndergaard took issue with—he’s baffled by the travel schedule for the next few days, too. That’s because the Mets aren’t going to be in New York before Opening Day. They’re taking a three-hour bus ride to Sarasota, Florida tonight, and then flying from there to Syracuse, New York for one workout, and then going to Washington for their game on Thursday. “That doesn’t make any sense,” you might be thinking, and if so you’ll be unsurprised to learn that Syndergaard said the exact same thing.

Via Tim Britton, here’s part of the exchange with reporters, which even on the page just drips with distain:


Wait until Syndergaard learns he has to travel to Cincinnati this year, too.

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