Last night against the Nationals, Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard made his first start since being removed from a game with elbow discomfort. Syndergaard was not sharp, lasting just three innings and surrendering five runs, and right after the game Mets beat writers started reporting that Syndergaard has bone spurs in his right elbow:

Given those reports, it was a little strange to see Syndergaard straight-up deny that there was anything wrong with his elbow during his postgame chat with reporters. When asked if he had bone spurs, Syndergaard replied, “I do not. My arm feels great. It’s amazing what a little anti-inflammatories can do.”


Okay, how about bone chips?

“No, there’s nothing structurally wrong with my elbow at all.”

It’s hard to believe that multiple credible beat reporters had fed false information, and Syndergaard is pretty clearly struggling on the mound, so what gives?


Syndergaard’s denial got even sillier today, when Mets GM Sandy Alderson finally admitted that the pitcher is in fact injured:


Glad that’s finally cleared up. Now we can go ahead and add a clearly injured Noah Syndergaard looking reporters dead in the face and telling them he is not injured to the catalog of #lolmets moments.

Photo via AP