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Nobody Snitched On Marvin Harrison...No Criminal Charges Filed

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Details surrounding what happened between Marvin Harrison and a a fella with a bullet in his arm were murky, and the Philadelphia D.A says there's not enough evidence for charges.


This isn't surprising. Ever since the case started, we'd reported that the police were concerned that any of the witnesses they'd collected either lacked credibility or a consistent story to pursue any of these matters. According to ESPN's legal wonk, Harrison's still facing a potential civil suit from Dwight Dixon, who claims he suffered permanent damage in his arm after Marvin shot him. His asking price? $100,000. He should probably get a better attorney. He could get so much more hush money than that.


The one not-so-big question that was partially addressed was why the Philadelphia D.A.'s office waited so long to hold this press conference — conveniently after the Colt's season ended. Sal Paolantonio might have suggested in his original story that some Philadelphia police detectives were suspicious of the timing. First thing out of the mouth of D.A. Lynne Abraham during the press conference? "Nice try, Sal." So, I guess that proves she's not a closet Colts fan.

Maybe there will be more on this — most likely, not — but one thing is certain Marvin Harrison is not going to jail. He'll also probably write a nice little check to Dixon to make sure that civil suit never gets in front of a jury.

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