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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Whatever you think of the Diamondbacks' fan display last night — an embarrassment, an isolated incident, a roundabout way to recycle — we don't understand why anyone is considering it a response to a "controversial" play. It was not a controversial call; Justin Upton clearly brought up his arm to knock down Kaz Matsui, and that's illegal. Arizona manager Bob Melvin is obliged to come out and argue the call — it ended his team's last gasp rally — but no reasonable person can argue it was the wrong call. Not that it isn't still a good reason to throw stuff!


It was, without question, not a proud night for Arizona Diamondbacks fans; as Viva El Birdos put it, "nice show by the phoenix faithful in game 1 of the nlcs —- don't fill the seats, then chuck trash on the field when your team loses. classy." Meanwhile, the Rockies can do no wrong whatsoever. It's kind of unfathomable, really. The Rockies have never won 18 of 19 in their history, and now they've done it at the best possible time. Their playoff run is like watching the Jordan Bulls in the postseason; their opponent is gonna start feeling relieved if they can pull off one win.

And this is the Colorado Rockies we're talking about.

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