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North Carolina Collapses In A Heap Of Its Own Intensity

So remember all that talk about the unstoppable Tar Heel juggernaut threatening to burn down college basketball arenas and take mascot heads as trophies on their way to a perfect basketball season. Yeah, never mind.


It took exactly once ACC conference game for No. 1 North Carolina to be humbled, at home no less, by Boston College. So we won't have our first undefeated team in over 30 years. Unless it's Clemson! (Ha, ha! Can you imagine?)

Actually, losing a home game to an unranked team puts the Tar Heels in a bit of a hole, and with the omnipresent Duke-Bot looming, they'll have their work cut out for them just to win the conference. Oh, they'll still eat your children and kill your cattle on the way to the Final Four, it just won't have the pretty little bow on it anymore

And you officially can't choose Boston College as your "sleeper" in March.

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