Chuck Burton/AP Photo

Media days—usually a three-day slog of coaches answering the same questions they answered in spring practice and reporters looking to score some free merch—have been making headlines the past week and a half, thanks in large part to the egos of college football’s prized coaches and administrators.

North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora was asked by North State Journal reporter Brooke Pryor whether he had noticed an increase in maturity from senior cornerback Desmond Lawrence and his fellow teammates, who were allegedly involved in a hazing incident that left a freshman player injured in 2014.

Instead of answer the question in a respectable way, Fedora instead opted to let Pryor in on the secret of male development. And upon Pryor’s response that females also develop at the age of 17, the 53-year old coach reassured Pryor: he knows, he has daughters.

Larry, we may have a few stories for you to check out.