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North Korea Needs To Brush Up On The Rules Of Soccer

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North Korea, also known as The Bad Korea, tried to pull a fast one on FIFA, listing one of their strikers as a goalkeeper, in essence gaining an extra roster spot. It didn't work.

Kim Myong-won was put on the DRPK's final 23-man roster, as the third goalie. North Korea had better hope their first two stay healthy, because Kim isn't actually a goalie. He's a striker, who the defensive-minded Chollima were counting on to provide a little extra offense. They apparently listed him without first consulting with FIFA to see if that was legal.

It wasn't, as FIFA announced today:

The squad lists that the teams had provided to Fifa by 1 June 2010 are final and can no longer be changed. On the final lists must be no more than 23 players, three of whom shall be goalkeepers.

"The three players listed as goalkeepers can only play as goalkeepers during the World Cup and cannot play outfield. This will be communicated to the teams in the team arrival meetings and will be enforced on match days.

"Kim Myong-won will not be allowed to play as an outfield player if he has been put on the list as a goalkeeper."


On the bright side, Kim is still able to play as a goalie, allowing North Korea to run the innovative 1-4-4-2 formation.

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