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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled North Korean Womens Soccer Team Refuses To Take Field After Venue Screwup Shows South Korean Flag On Scoreboard

The London Olympics are off to a kicking start after a screw-up at Hampden Park in Glasgow led to the South Korean flag being displayed before North Korea's women's soccer match against Colombia and the subsequent refusal of North Korea's side to take the field. (You can see a photo of the mix-up here.) The team eventually did return to the pitch and the match got underway after an hour delay.

North Korea's women's team has been a lightning rod for drama (as well as a lightning rod for, uh, lightning). Let's not forget this is the same team that's banned from the next Women's World Cup for roiding up, and about everything dealing with North Korea is a bit wacky these days. But the IOC should at least be able to get this sort of thing right; at least they apologized. [NBC]


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