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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Norwegian Cup Winner Fucks Trophy

Illustration for article titled Norwegian Cup Winner Fucks Trophy

Lillestrøm won the Norwegian Football Cup yesterday, with a 3-2 victory over Sarpsborg, and defender Aleksander Melgalvis celebrated very enthusiastically—by taking all his clothes off onstage and then placing his dick inside the trophy, so as to keep things modest.


The below clip is, as you may have guessed, quite unsafe for work. (Though it’s worth noting that Melgalvis does manage to avoid any straight-on, full-frontal nudity for the crowd.)


If you’re interested in reading a Norwegian perspective on Melgavis’s stunt, please turn your attention to Bendik Havdal Erikson’s write-up for local newspaper Hamar Arbeiderblad, whose summary was poorly translated by Google’s auto-tool as “Aleksander Melgalvis (28) stripped and used the king’s hall to cover the penis when the team celebrated the cupgull on Sunday. The parents did not like the stunt.”

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