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There were two seven-game series in the first round of the the NBA Playoffs. One was the greatest series in the history of sport. The other was not.

Atlanta and Miami put together one of the ugliest playoff bouts you're ever going to see, severely testing the limits of fan endurance. There were fifteen lead changes—total—in seven games. Every game was a double-digit blowout and most were marred by ugly play and hard, unnecessary fouls. The only reason the Hawks even won was because in the final game their power forward decided to start chucking three-pointers for no apparent reason. (Joe Johnson was 6-for-8 on Sunday; 4-for-15 the rest of series.) And now their reward: the Cleveland Cavaliers, who will destroy them.


So thanks for wasting everyone's time, Atlanta. Next time, try to be more like Chicago and Boston and capture the hearts of a nation with your spirit and determination. Sheesh.

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