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Not Even Kate Middleton's Family Is Safe From The Olympic Branding Gestapo

We all know the Olympic folk are very touchy about their trademarks. No non-sponsor companies allowed in the Olympic village. No posting Facebook photos or Youtube videos from the games. No small businesses using any two of the terms "Olympic, London, 2012, summer, or games."


But you'd think the Middletons, the family of the woman married to the future King, might escape the watchful eye of the London Organising Committee's lawyers. Nope: the Middletons' party product business Party Pieces has come under scrutiny for a pair of images on their website: a silhouette of the city with the text "Let the Games Begin," and a page headlined "Celebrate the Games."

The Middletons could have faced a $30,000 fine and criminal charges under the 2006 Olympic Act, legislation passed specifically to protect Olympic trademarks. But Committee lawyers investigated, and will not pursue legal action.

A Locog official said: "There are no infringements and the products are fine. We will ask them to make minor changes to some copy."


Oh thank god. Don't want people thinking those disposable plastic cups and plates were going to be awarded to the 100m winners.

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