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Not Even Playboy Playmates Can Bring Loaded Guns Onto Airplanes, Apparently

You remember Shanna Marie McLaughlin. Central Florida grad. Playboy Playmate of the Month for July 2010. Filmed a little video in the UCF locker room last year that got some people more bothered than hot, a silly ordeal that left her "dumbfounded" and resulted in a formal apology from the school — for allowing the photos to be taken in the first place.


Yeah, her.

Well, it turns out McLaughlin has a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Problem is, cops say she tried to bring a loaded .45 onto a plane the other day. Which, as Darius Miles helpfully reminded us last week, is not such a swell idea. Even for Playmates.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

She put the duffle through an X-ray machine at a security checkpoint, the report states, and a Transportation Security Administration operator saw the gun and alerted police.

When confronted, police said the 26-year-old - Playboy's Miss July 2010 - claimed the bag was hers, and that the gun belonged to her boyfriend and she didn't know it was inside.

McLaughlin was jailed on a charge of carrying a firearm in a place prohibited by law. The gun, a .45-caliber Colt revolver loaded with six hollow-point bullets, was confiscated.


This is the part where we're supposed to say something witty, but we're too dumbfounded by how dumb it is to try to bring a gun on a plane.

[Photo via aXis magazine; h/t to Rick]

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