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UCF Locker Room Is No Place For A Woman, Scantily-Clad Or Otherwise

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Central Florida is abuzz and atwitter about a steamy locker room photoshoot starring a UCF alumna and former Playboy Playmate. (That's one lady, not two different people. It's not that steamy.)


Axis Magazine is "Orlando's monthly entertainment resource," which means it's a few photos, bound as a magazine to sell ads for bars and escort services. This month's cover story is back-to-school-themed, with Miss July Shanna Marie McLaughlin posing in the Knight's locker room with one of the team's helmets.

I approved the magazine," [coach George] O'Leary told a Sentinel reporter after practice ended Saturday. "The guy called my office and basically wanted to know if they could do a magazine shoot. There was a UCF girl who had her MBA and all that. And the only thing I asked is, 'Is that a magazine that is distributed on campus?' And they said, 'Yes.' They've done I think four, since I've been here at least four, initial copies of football [previews] opening up the football season."

O'Leary said he was shown a copy of the magazine cover.

"Eh, it's not what I expected, but I don't think there's anything outlandish on the thing. I never saw the video."

For those of you curious, here's the behind-the-scenes video. Let's err on the side of caution and call it NSFW.

The shoot started a mini-firestorm among those who thought it besmirched the hallowed halls of Golden Knight football (I'm still receiving angry emails for my besmirchments here and here). The assistant AD sent out an email chastising "an employee without proper authorization" (O'Leary) for allowing access to the locker room.

We can't blame them for getting upset. Letting nubile young women get that close to the program is not something that big-time programs do. Big-time programs have those women service recruits.


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