Not Even Tasers Can Stop The Gators

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Florida's starting cornerback Janoris Jenkins had a brainstorm this weekend, powered by a few thousand watts of taser juice courtesy of the local police. As if that could ever slow down a Gator superstar.

Police arrived on a Gainesville street at 2:00 a.m. on Saturday to find Jenkins fighting with five people at once. Jenkins claimed they tried to steal his gold chain. Obviously, he ignored their pleas to stop the carnage and the threat of non-deadly force. So the cops finally brought him down with a taser ... until Jenkins got up and ran away.

Jenkins was hit with one cycle from the Taser, but afterward he stood up and ran away.

The officer reported he yelled at Jenkins to stop but he kept running. He was later arrested about one and a half blocks away. Police said Jenkins admitted he was fighting with the others because he thought they were trying to steal his chain, according to the report.


It takes a real champion to take on five criminals in fisticuffs, shake off a taser blast, and then bust out a 4.4 forty. Maybe Oklahoma should bring rubber bullets the next time they meet.

Gainesville Police arrested UF starting cornerback Janoris Jenkins over the weekend after they reported he was involved in a fight and an officer used a Taser on him. [The Gainesville Sun]