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Not Exactly Thrilling NFL Action

We are always hesitant to grouse and grumble about the low excitement level of a particular NFL game and use it as an opportunity to make some larger statement about the game itself; one of the more random things about sports is that sometimes an individual game will just stink, and it's no reflection on the sport itself or the players participating. You can bring two good teams together, and sometimes, bad play will just result. That doesn't mean it's not fun; it's still sports, and it's still better than dealing in spreadsheets or doing a sales call.

That said, last night's MNF game between Carolina and Tampa Bay was aggressively boring; we give credit for a yeoman's effort by ESPN to come up with a headline that said so without saying so: "Carolina gets win, but there's room for improvement." (Yes: Also, Tampa Bay lost, and there's room for regression. And footballs were thrown, but there's opportunity for them to be handed off as well.) When in doubt on what to write about following a Monday night game, we can always hit the old standby: The announcers. At The Fanhouse, The Mighty MJD contorts himself to write something some of us couldn't help but think: Joe Theismann is currently a stronger broadcaster than Tony Kornheiser. Ugh. We think we need a shower after typing that.


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