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Illustration for article titled Not For The First Time, Aaron Judge Leaves Starstruck Children Weeping
Screenshot: @MarlyRiveraESPN

“Psh,” you say. “Athletes regularly leave their fans in tears. This isn’t news! Move on, find a new slant.” That is true. Please don’t remind me of Brandon Inge’s ‘09 Home Run Derby outing. What we’ve got here, though, is a case of the happy tears. The medical way of explaining this is that children’s heads are typically too small to contain their emotions and thoughts and wonder and awe, and whatever cannot fit in there must then, science-wise, come pouring from their eyes.

See, here, these children so overcome by Aaron Judge giving them his bat and hitting gloves and patting them gently on the back that they collapse into weepy little puddles.


This is now the effect the Yankees outfielder regularly has on teeny brains. A few weeks ago at a Yankees-Red Sox game, a kid was gifted an Aaron Judge foul ball and needed to smush his face into his father’s shoulder for a moment to process the enormity of the situation. Take your time, little guy. It’s a lot.

Oh, they are so happy, and though they are Yankees fans, I love them all.

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