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Not That Many Hours Left 'Til Gametime

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Since it's a one of those 10 a.m. starts tomorrow, we figure this is as close to a preview of tomorrow's United States vs. Ghana matchup as we're going to get, considering the sleep schedules of your average Deadspin reader.

To get yourself appropriately stimulated, we suggest:

• Checking out the gang at That's On Point, which has attended both US games so far and is gearing up for this one.
• Read this excellent breakdown of Ghana by Grant Wahl, who always has a fun time when he writes about soccer.
• Drink heavily. We know our town has plenty of places to booze up when most people are showing up for work. We're sure your neck of the woods does as well.


If you happen to be stuck at work tomorrow, we'll be here, live-blogging obviously. (Our live blogger is Adam Baruchowitz, who saw the first two U.S. games in person.) We have a hard time simmering to a boil of hatred for Ghana and love for Italy ... but we'll give a shot tomorrow anyway.

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