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Time to officially remove the mallet from its handsome leather case, striking the silver gong and calling bullshit on this ... but it could be true, I guess. Some dude is claiming that he has Michael Vick's crib notes from his recent apology, and is selling them on eBay. Bidding is up to $2,000, so someone believes it's real.

This would look really good in my collection next to the Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) "I am not gay"" notes scrawled on a grocery bag.


Notice the part at the end of Vick's "notes" about the dogs suffering, which evidently didn't make the actual apology due to time constraints. Or maybe Vick misread "dog" as "God," leading to the claim that he has found religion. At any rate, we expect Whoopi to double the bid by the end of the day.

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(UPDATE: The notes aren't real.)

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