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They have to say they believe they can win, of course. More than that, they have to actually believe that it’s at least possible, or they would not be the sorts of people capable of claiming the West’s seventh playoff seed with a roster that looks like somebody sat on a keyboard. None of the rest of us are bound by their insanity, though. We do not need to live in it or honor it, and as such we’re free to say that the San Antonio Spurs are deader than shit and never had any chance to beat the Warriors. In that sense nothing the Spurs do between now and whenever Golden State eliminates them means very much.

Now that you are sufficiently bummed out, here is a video of LaMarcus Aldridge highlights from last night’s loss. He was awesome:

This is the complete LaMarcus Aldridge on wonderful display: those impossibly high-arcing two-pointers, the clever pivots and nifty hooks and rugged seal-offs under the rim, the tougher-than-hell finishes through contact. It’s great and it is just absolutely not going to do it. Nothing is going to do it. The play at 2:02 in the video, where he rebounds his own miss, muscles the ball back up through a bunch of arms, and yells in triumph as it drops through the rim—that rules and is also just the most doomed thing. A tyrannosaur roaring in a tar pit. No one will ever remember it!


Anyway, the Warriors won by 15 despite trailing at halftime. At least LaMarcus Aldridge made them work for it, sorta, I guess.

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