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Nothing Says "Comfort Hug" Than A Room Full Of Whores

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You know, sometimes we wonder if Deadspin were British (or Czech) and the major sport was — ha! — soccer, we might have even more fun around here.

Because if the Bears had reacted to their Super Bowl loss the way the Czech Republic team reacted to their Euro 2008 qualifying loss, we'd have a sex boat-esque story on our hands.

Arsenal star Tomas Rosicky and five of his Czech Republic team-mates landed the whole squad a 25,000 fine from the Czech FA after spending a night in a hotel with six prostitutes. A female Czech journalist broke the story after she had visited the hotel room herself as an autograph hunter. Players 'drank and hugged prostitutes' while she spoke to Jan Polak at the room door.

Rosicky apologised for his actions at a press conference. He said: 'We have been correctly punished. We are very sorry.' However, he said he had a 'clear conscience' when asked about the presence of the prostitutes.


As well he should! All he did was drink and "hug" some prostitutes. Sometimes, after a devastating loss, all you need is a long, hot, sweaty, depraved hug. Particularly when your teammates are in the room; it's kind of like a collective cleansing.

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