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Nothing Says Quaint And Quiet Like 200 Pounds Of Camera Equipment

Saturday is the NFL Draft — they sneak up on you, really — and one guy who won't be there is Wisconsin offensive tackle Joe Thomas, who says he has a previously scheduled fishing trip and can't miss it. No problem, says The NFL Network: We'll just bring a camera out to the lake.

The NFL Network is planning things you won't see on ESPN. It will mount a camera on a boat Wisconsin lineman Joe Thomas, expected to be a high first-round pick, will be fishing in on a Wisconsin lake Saturday.

"We'll be the only one with him in the middle of the lake," Weinberger said. "I hope he gets cellphone reception" — so the onboard camera can catch Thomas hearing from the team picking him.


We appreciate the innovative nature of The NFL Network, loading a camera on a boat in a move that we are sure in no way will distract from the sacred fishing trip. Let's just hope they turn off the camera for that inevitable moment when Thomas will need to pee off the side of the boat. It takes too long to row all the way to shore, and, besides, it scares the fish.

NFL Network Is Going Fishing [Awful Announcing]

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