Notorious Finebaum Caller Tammy Joins Iron Bowl Simulcast [UPDATE]

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Paul Finebaum's radio show has long had its cast of compelling, crazy, or cretinous callers, and Auburn fan Tammy is one of its most famous. She joined the SEC Network call-in simulcast of tonight's Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa, and let loose with her usual flow of.. words, sort of.

Here's how the closed captioning transcriber covered things:

00:00:02,469|00:00:03,436|RU2|LET'S GRAB A FEW MORE CALLS HERE
00:00:03,570|00:00:06,473|RU2|AS WE'RE MOVING ALONG.
00:00:06,606|00:00:08,441|RU2|LET'S GET THE REACTION FROM
0:00:08,575|00:00:12,779|RU2|AUBURN'S NUMBER ONE FAN.
00:00:12,912|00:00:13,313|RU2|TAMMY, GOOD EVENING.
00:00:13,446|00:00:14,748|RU2|HOW ARE YOU ENJOYING THE IRON
00:00:15,181|00:00:15,682|RU2|>> Caller: GOOD AFTERNOON.
00:00:15,815|00:00:17,617|RU2|LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, THEY
00:00:17,751|00:00:20,286|RU2|HAVE STARTED — AUBURN WIN THE
00:00:20,787|00:00:24,491|RU2|YOU'RE GOING TO SIT THERE AND
00:00:24,624|00:00:25,225|RU2|LET THEM KNOW THAT WE'VE GOT THE
00:00:25,358|00:00:26,126|RU2|BALL DOWN THERE AND THEN THEY
00:00:26,259|00:00:27,727|RU2|GOING TO CALL FAIR CATCH.
00:00:27,861|00:00:30,530|RU2|I'M TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW, THE
00:00:30,663|00:00:32,966|RU2|REFEREES, YOU KNOW — THEY WERE
00:00:33,099|00:00:35,201|RU2|CALLING THEM OTHER BOYS.
00:00:35,335|00:00:36,503|RU2|AND I'M ALREADY MAD BECAUSE
00:00:36,636|00:00:38,071|RU2|Y'ALL CALLING PENALTIES ON US
00:00:38,204|00:00:38,772|RU2|BUT YOU CONTINUE TURN AROUND
00:00:38,905|00:00:39,072|RU2|AND —
00:00:39,205|00:00:39,739|RU2|>> WE'RE NOT THE OFFICIALS.
00:00:39,873|00:00:42,809|RU2|[ LAUGHTER ]
00:00:42,942|00:00:48,782|RU2|WE'RE JUST WATCHING IT.
00:00:48,915|00:00:49,516|RU2|>> Caller: BUT YOU KNOW WHAT'S
00:00:49,649|00:00:50,250|RU2|GOING ON, EVERYBODY KNOWS WHAT'S
00:00:50,383|00:00:54,154|RU2|GOING ON.
00:00:54,287|00:00:56,222|RU2|BUT I'LL TELL YOU WHAT, AT THE
00:00:56,356|00:00:59,325|RU2|END OF THE GAME, AUBURN —
00:00:59,459|00:01:02,062|RU2|>> THANK YOU, TAMMY.
00:01:02,195|00:01:02,562|RU2|WE'LL TALK LATER.
00:01:02,695|00:01:03,296|RU2|>> WHY DID YOU CALL A PENALTY ON
00:01:03,430|00:01:03,730|RU2|AUBURN, PAUL?
00:01:03,863|00:01:07,967|RU2|>> AUBURN IS WINNING THE GAME.
00:01:08,101|00:01:10,203|RU2|>> SHE SOUNDED PRETTY UPSET.


Update: Phyllis called in to provide her halftime analysis:

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