Novak Djokovic Stumbles Into Some Thoughts About Women's Tennis

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Yesterday, the world was introduced to Indian Wells Tennis Garden CEO Raymond Moore, a dumb-ass man who thinks that female tennis players should get on their knees and thank Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer for carrying the sport. As is the case anytime someone in sports has bad thoughts, Moore opened the door for reporters to ask others what they think of the dumb man’s ideas. Novak Djokovic, who yesterday won the tournament hosted by Moore, was happy to oblige.


Djokovic was asked a series of questions about Moore’s comments. So as not to be accused of taking his response out of context, here is everything he had to say:


Djokovic started out okay here, expressing support for such seemingly uncontroversial ideas as the notion that women and men should be paid equitably, but veered into very strange territory when he started talking about women’s bodies and hormones.

This feels like it could become A Thing. You can bet more male tennis players are going to be asked about this issue, and some of them are presumably going to have takes even more undercooked than whatever it was Djokovic was trying to say.

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