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Novathers. Pittcats. DUAN.

Can the road to the Final Four be paved with a good tailor? Jay Wright's Villanova Wildcats find out tonight.

It's always funny to watch Jay Wright on television. Jay's mother and father are friends of my parents. Jay's father coached me in Little League for years and I was very good friends with his younger brother for most of my childhood. At one point, I think I remember there was a real strong movement between both of our families to have Jay date my older sister. (Never happened by the way. NEVER.)


But I remember when Jay was a lowly marketing shlub for the USFL Stars. Even then, when he was basically a glorified intern, he just radiated.He's one of those guys who made you feel like you were something special anytime you had a conversation with him, like you'd just been legitimized as a decent human being. He wasn't arrogant or cocky — he just had this magnetic aura that was strangely motivating. Anytime Bill Clinton's otherworldly people skills are brought up, I always think of Jay Wright. In fact, I bet if Clinton were in a room with him for a few seconds, he'd probably be disoriented by the fact that there's another guy on the planet who can give people an uplifting experience with just a handshake and two minutes of smalltalk.

The whole Wright family is pretty phenomenal. They're good people, who were always very supportive of me even though I was a constant fuck-up for many years. So, for them, I'm hopeful that Jay can pull this off. Oh, and for my bracket.

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