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Illustration for article titled Now A 19-Year-Old Says Jerry Sandusky Abused Him At A Penn State Football Building In 2004

That would be two years after Sandusky was to have had his keys to the facility taken away by Penn State officials, according to the grand jury summary, though Sandusky himself has acknowledged his access was never restricted. The boy, who is not one of the eight victims cited by the grand jury, says Sandusky plied him with whiskey in a single incident. The boy was just 12 at the time and was an overnight camper at The Second Mile. The boy's attorney, Chuck Schmidt, had this to say to the Patriot-News of Harrisburg:

"He's had a difficult life," Schmidt said. "And we have reason to believe that much of it was caused by that incident."


Schmidt did say the boy felt "empowered" to come forward now that he's seen that others have done so. Oh, and that new era of transparency and dialogue that was supposed to begin at Penn State now that Rodney Erickson replaced Graham Spanier as the university's president? It's not exactly off to a rousing start.

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