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Off Wing Opinion beat us to this, because they're really into hockey and we can't even wear skates without falling down. Apparently taking a cue from MLB Blogs, has added a new blog section to its site. But those who run hockey have a much better idea of what works online; whereas the signature blogger for was Tommy Lasorda, on, it's "24" vixen Elisha Cuthbert. No, seriously. She's even blogging pretty regularly; she launched four days ago, and she already has three posts.

I'm also proud to say I have purchased my season tickets, along with all the many die hard hockey fans out there. Now everyone knows were my hard earned dollars go. Along with the merchandise, hotdogs, candy corn, hats, parking, McDonald's, flags, beer, bottled water ... mmmm ... candy corn I could go for some (lets not talk about that right now)!! he he. No, really I need to start slowing down on the food. I have a whole season ahead of me!


We hope is taking notes.

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