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Now Dasher, Now Dancer, Now Prancer and Vick's In: Your Christmas Eve NFL Late Games Open Thread

Stop playing with all those fun ties and sweaters and watch some football! Chat down below. Photo via The 700 Level.

San Diego at Detroit (CBS): Detroit may actually make the playoffs but they'll have to get past the San Diego Also-Rans to do it. If the season ended right now, the Lions would travel to New Orleans to play the Saints, which sounds absolutely awesome. Two dome teams with potent offenses, asshole coaches and sad sack fanbases. I really hope it happens.


Philadelphia at Dallas (CBS): The Eagles are inexplicably still alive, which only goes to show just how insanely and perpetually everyone overrates the NFC East. There are some crazy scenarios remaining for the division, but if they Eagles win out and the Jets win, and the Cowboys win next week and the Phillies beat the Braves and the Flyers score 35 goals in the first two periods of their next game, I think, the Dream Team gets into the playoffs.

San Francisco at Seattle (FOX): Here's how big this game is: a former executive for the 49ers is now an executive with Seattle and he said some crazy stuff. How crazy? You be the judge: "'They come to our place Christmas Eve,' McCloughan says laughing of the 11-3 Niners, 'and we're going to beat the hell out of ‘em.'" Strong words. He followed up them fightin' words with some even saltier language, this time in praise of Frank Gore, when he became the leading rusher in San Francisco franchise history: "'The guy deserved it. He blew out both knees and both shoulders, and the son of a gun still goes to work. He represents everything I tried to build.'" Someone needs some soap. [Yahoo]

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