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Matt Harvey, nominal ace of the New York Mets, didn’t stick around to talk to reporters after his most recent disaster of a start, and the local press reacted to the snub in predictable fashion. Now they have moved into Phase 2 of their war with Harvey by trolling the locker room for teammates willing to talk shit about the struggling pitcher. Lucky for them, Mets captain David Wright was happy to oblige.


From the New York Post:

“Obviously, Harvey is going through a rough stretch, I think we’ve all been there,” Wright told The Post after the Mets beat the Nationals 2-0. “With that being said, I think the consensus is we should all be accountable for what we do on the baseball field.

“All of us like coming in here and talking when we have good games and a few of us, myself included, enjoy coming in here and talking when we don’t play well. Accountability is big and I think [Harvey] just had a bit of a lapse in judgement.”

Wright went on to say that he hopes Harvey learns from this and “doesn’t make the same mistake again.”

This is great. The Mets are a legitimately good team that came into the season as World Series contenders, and yet they are making headlines because the washed-up elder statesman not only didn’t appreciate the way the hotshot youngster handled himself with the press while dealing with failure for the first time in his professional life, but felt compelled to discourse on it in public. Even when they’re good, the Mets are always just two steps away from being the Durham Bulls.


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