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Now Detroit Also Wants To Hire Isiah Thomas

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Yes, the story's from Chris Broussard, so we should take it with a Dead Sea's worth of salt, but it looks like things might get a whole lot worse for the poor folks of Detroit.

While Knicks fans fret about the possibility of Isiah Thomas returning to New York, the Detroit Pistons are considering Thomas for their vacant head coaching position, according to league sources.

Thomas is not the leading candidate, sources say, but he is on Detroit's short list along with Mike Woodson, Kelvin Sampson and his former Pistons teammate Bill Laimbeer.

Is the Detroit front office trying to humiliate John Kuester even after firing him? That may be the worst short list ever.

Consider each man's last head coaching gig: Mike Woodson presided over a second-round sweep in 2010 that saw his Hawks lose each game by double digits (two by 30!), Kelvin Sampson was fired for committing NCAA violations that would make Jim Tressel blush and having a drug-addled team, and Bill Laimbeer, well, coached in the WNBA. Isiah was 23-59 as Knicks coach in '07-'08.


Perhaps Knicks fans can take a deep, relieving breath now. In Detroit, it's probably for the best that the fans are on edge. A deep breath there fast-tracks mesothelioma.

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