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Now Is The Time For Your Tears

So I guess this is it. After four years, six blogs and countless, countless links, my time here is done. I was under the impression there would be ice cream.

Not to get too sentimental, but I do want to say that Nick Denton gave me a job at a time when I desperately needed one, and A.J. gave me another when he absolutely didn't have to, and for both of those things I am greatly appreciative. Despite its noted flaws, this is an awesome place to work and I can't imagine ever having this much freedom as a writer again. Thanks to Will for creating this particular place to type and thanks to Tommy and Rick and Ben and David and Lux and Jonno and Gram and Noah and Lock and all the other writers and editors I've known and worked with during my time here. (I'm sorry I didn't name you all, but I'm on deadline.) And thanks especially to the tech team, who no one ever thanks and you all hate, but that's only cause you don't know any better.


Thank you to everyone who sent me a tip that I could turn into post. Thank you for reading and writing in. Even the people from Alabama. At least I know they care.

I'll see you around.

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