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Now Now, Eck, You Can't Be Doing That

Please forgive Dennis Eckersley. He’s still getting used to this whole broadcasting thing — you know, having millions of people (or at least Red Sox fans) hear what you say as you go. He seems to have forgotten where he is: There’s no cursing on NESN!


Eckersley, who’s filling in for Jerry Remy on Boston’s television network, has appealed to Sox fans by doing what they do best. So last night, after Johan Santana beaned Kevin Youkilis with a fastball, Eckersley dictated Youk’s response (“Shit!”), and he forgot to hit the bleep button on himself. How can you fault Eck? He’s just calling it as he sees it. But then the recovery — well that’s more entertaining than a clip of gratuitous cursing.

Later in the night, Eckersley manages to confuse Justin Masterson with some more naughty, naughty. Even he didn’t try to wriggle out of that one.


Then again, Eck has been on a roll lately. In April, he didn’t hesitate about letting Boston fans know that Brad Penny’s fastball looked a bit queer that night.

“He’s a little gay with his cheese.”

Shit, NESN, what are you waiting for? Get this guy a regular spot in the booth.

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