Now Some Guy Who Says He's Brooks Bollinger's Cousin Has Decided To Get In On Accusing Jerry Sandusky Of Molestation [UPDATE]

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Now that Jerry Sandusky has been convicted, additional victims are likely to come forward to allege he abused them. Some of those stories will be credible. Others, highly suspect. File this one under the category of "looks like lunatic bullshit."


As first reported by ABC 27, a television station in Harrisburg, Pa., a man said to be "a relative of a Wisconsin player" has asked for a restraining order against Sandusky in federal court. The motion, filed in U.S. District Court in Madison, Wis., alleges that Sandusky fondled him in the men's room at Camp Randall Stadium in October 2002 during the third quarter of a game between Penn State and Wisconsin.

The plaintiff says he faces "imminent danger" because of what had happened to him, which he describes this way, according to the ABC 27 report:

"While urinating, I was approached by defendant Jerry Sandusky who said he was traveling with Penn State and asked me if I wanted a signed Joe Paterno autograph, and I told him to leave me alone because I was peeing, and Sandusky said to me 'let me touch it' and reached in the urinal and grabbed my penis, further {sic} saying to me 'let me make your sexual fantisy's come trlje {sic}.' I told him stop molesting me and I'm reporting him to the police. Sandusky then left but gave me a fair warning, 'If you tell a soul I tocuhed {sic} your penis, I will kill you' and left."

The man goes on to say that after the game he told his relative and then-head coach Barry Alvarez, Brian White and Kevin Cosgrove.

Yeah. Hmm. I was able to get a copy of the injunction, which you can see below. The plaintiff says his name is Jonathan Bollinger, and that he's a cousin of Brooks Bollinger, who was Wisconsin's starting quarterback from 1999 to 2002 before spending seven seasons in the NFL. The suit was mailed from an address in Philadelphia, and it was filed by Jonathan Bollinger himself. Public records show that a 38-year-old man named Jonathan Bollinger lives in the Philadelphia area, though not at the address listed in the suit. I called the U.S. District Court in Madison, and a woman there said Jonathan Bollinger had also filed an application asking that the $350 filing fee for the motion be waived. A copy of that application can also be viewed below. In it, Jonathan Bollinger lists his occupation as "unemployed" and says he has no assets.

I've also reached out to Brooks Bollinger, who is now the quarterbacks coach at Pitt. A media relations contact at Pitt said Brooks Bollinger was out of town, but that he'd pass along my request for comment. I'll let you know what he says if he responds.

Update (1:21 p.m.): As several readers have pointed out, the address listed as Jonathan Bollinger's actually matches that of a Philly comedy club.

Update No. 2 (1:59 p.m.): Via Pitt's media relations office, Brooks Bollinger says he's never heard of the allegation and has no clue who Jonathan Bollinger is.


[ABC 27; photo via AP]