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Now That He's Broke, Vince Young Is Suing His Former Agent And Financial Planner

Illustration for article titled Now That Hes Broke, Vince Young Is Suing His Former Agent And Financial Planner

Earlier today, we alerted you to Vince Young's financial problems, but the Houston Chronicle has more details on just how messy Young's situation is.


Young's been out of a job since being released by the Buffalo Bills in August, and now he can't pay a $1.9 million loan that he took from Pro Player Funding LLC during last year's NFL lockout. Young claims the loan was taken out by his former agent, Major Adams, and financial planner, Ronnie Peoples, without his permission, and that all of the proceeds from the loan went straight to Adams and Peoples.


Young is suing both Adams and Peoples for $5.5 million, claiming that they forged his signature and impersonated him through emails and phone calls in order to defraud him out of his money.

Peoples has filed a countersuit that claims Young's financial troubles are actually the doing of Young's uncle, Keith, who served as Young's business manager. Oh, and based on this paragraph from the Chronicle's story, Peoples appears to be a gigantic asshole:

Peoples claims in the countersuit that every decision he made was approved by Keith Young. And he calls Vince Young's unwillingness to accept responsibility "a common occurrence ... as (former Titans coach) Jeff Fisher, (Texas coach) Mack Brown, numerous NFL executives, coaches, teammates, scouts, girlfriends and illegitimate children will attest."

Yeah, this should all be sorted out soon in a totally amicable fashion.

QB Vince Young out of the game and out of money [Houston Chronicle]

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