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Deer antler spray may not be effective at delivering a growth hormone, but it does keep giving strength to dumb stories.

Golfer Vijay Singh has filed a lawsuit that accuses the PGA tour of exposing him "to public humiliation and ridicule for months." Singh, you'll recall, had admitted in that weird Sports Illustrated story that he used deer antler spray. The spray is a snake-oilish supplement that contains IGF-1, an insulin-like banned substance that's apparently only effective when injected. As far as deer antler spray's performance-enhancing capabilities go, Singh might as well have admitted to using Pop Rocks.


But never mind that: The PGA announced soon after that it was sanctioning Singh, only to drop its case last week, when even the World Anti-Doping Agency—i.e., the folks who want to ban caffeine—decided the spray was worthless as a doping tool.

Singh won't let it go, though:

According to the lawsuit, the Tour "failed competently and responsibly to administer its own Anti-Doping Program. … As a direct and proximate result of the PGA TOUR's actions, Singh has been humiliated, ashamed, ridiculed, scorned and emotionally distraught."


Vijay Singh was never suspended or punished by the PGA. But he was the one dumb enough to think he was gaining some sort of advantage from a spray derived from Bambi's antlers. His lawsuit amounts to little more than a reminder to point and laugh at him all over again.

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